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Natural Family Planning

We offer several informative seminars for your next
Parish, Diocesan, or National Conference.

Informational “Why Session”

This session is for everyone who has ever wondered why the church teaches against contraception. Whether they are couples who are far beyond their “child years,” singles who are still looking forward to marriage, or couples who contracept despite the Church’s teaching, perhaps because they never understood it. This hour-and-a-half session is presented in three parts.

Part One addresses pharmaceutical contraception, its functions and risks as listed in medication’s doctors’ notes, and what that means for the individual consumer.
Part Two addresses the God’s plan for marriage using the Theology of the Body as it relates to contraception and the Sacrament of Marriage.
Part Three presents the scientific basis behind Natural Family Planning methods, citing specific studies and data, describing in detail why NFP works.

Medical Professional Session

The one-hour Medical Session is perfectly suited for Doctors, Nurses, PA’s, Midwives, and other medical professionals. It consists of a brief reminder of the mechanics of pharmaceutical contraception, and addresses the ethical implications for the prescriber. The majority of this session covers in-depth the continuum of the cycle. Walking step-by-step through the natural hormonal development, and citing numerous published studies, we examine how Natural Family Planning users can accurately identify their fertility and infertility. We also address how certain methods charts can serve their practice as a diagnostic tool to monitor a patient’s overall reproductive health.

Religious Vocation Session

This one-hour session is tailored for those who already understand the “whys” of NFP, and simply want to see it more widely used as a means to strengthen the marriages in their parishes? The “Religious Vocation Session” is open to all religious orders, Deacons, Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Monsignors, Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope. Those who attend this session will gain a comprehensive overview of the science behind Natural Family Planning. We will also examine the task before us in promoting NFP and how our parishes, our diocese, and our world will benefit from the proclamation of Chastity and Theology of the Body. In this session we look at how, using established marketing practices and participation in the New Evangelization, we can change the general public’s perception of NFP.

NFP Teacher Session

This one-hour session is for NFP Teachers of all methods who are well versed in the methodology of their method. The “Teacher Session” focuses on basic marketing principles and how they relate to “the New Evangelization.” We will look at how to introduce NFP into the wider cultural conversation, and how we can bring the modern scientific methods of NFP to the forefront. This session will help broaden the vision of teachers and give them the tools to effectively communicate to a disinterested audience.