Empowering Women // Strengthening Families



Abortion, Contraception, and the Sexual Revolution

This session examines the worldview that perpetuates abortion, and exposes the connection between abortion, contraception, and the Sexual Revolution, and suggests an additional course of action as we seek defeat the culture of death.

NFP “Why Session”

This session examines Natural Family Planning, and how its inclusion in the cultural conversation can assist in changing the cultural worldview, and in so doing bring an end to its dependance on Abortion and Invitro Fertilization.
This hour-and-a-half session is presented in three parts.

Part One addresses pharmaceutical contraception, its functions and risks as listed in medication’s doctors’ notes, and what that means for the individual consumer.
Part Two addresses the God’s plan for marriage using the Theology of the Body as it relates to contraception and the Sacrament of Marriage.
Part Three presents the scientific basis behind Natural Family Planning methods, citing specific studies and data, describing in detail why NFP works.