Empowering Women // Strengthening Families


Youth & Young Adult

5 Ways to Know Which One is The One

This session provides youth and young adults with 5 keys to selecting a spouse based on a Christian Worldview, rather than simply on emotional criteria or cultural considerations. It also gives a basic overview to the sacrament of Marriage, to help participants see the importance of selecting a spouse.

What Makes a Marriage?

The culture presents an image of Marriage that is filled with strife and devoid of sexuality. This session looks at the realities of marriage, and provides the principles for creating a healthy marriage. By examining the pattern for marriage in the book of Ephesians, this session provides sound principles for modeling our marriages based on Christ’s relationship with the Church.

NFP “Why Session”

Building on the previous two sessions, this session answers common misconceptions about Natural Family Planning, and details the benefits of its use in their future.

This session is presented in three parts.

Part One addresses pharmaceutical contraception, its functions and risks as listed in medication’s doctors’ notes, and what that means for the individual consumer.
Part Two addresses the God’s plan for marriage using the Theology of the Body as it relates to contraception and the Sacrament of Marriage.
Part Three presents the scientific basis behind Natural Family Planning methods, citing specific studies and data, describing in detail why NFP works.