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United Nations Commission on the Status of Women: Part 2

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women: Part 2

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Tuesday morning, I made my way back to the Armenian Center to the Umuado Igbo Nigeria and in Diaspora’s event entitled “Managing the Challenges of Women and Girl Empowerment in Nigeria.” I found Francis who introduced me to the other women on her team. She handed me the program for the event and I saw that I was scheduled to be the FIRST panelist to speak! So much for my plan.

The event began, and I was introduced. I shared several of my points and some of the basics of how Billings education empowers women. I tried to emphasize that the method is effective, promotes respect of women across cultural boundaries, and that they can use the method within their culture to postpone or achieve pregnancy as they wish.

So many of the contraceptive programs offered to Africa come with forced ideological colonization. As the only white woman on the panel, I was keenly aware of my desire to empower them by offering information and walking alongside them to live the fullness of their culture without imposing mine.

The rest of the panelists spoke eloquently and emphasized the need for action rather than just talking about solving problems. As they spoke about the issues women face in their culture, I was even more humbled by realizing my own privilege.

During the question/answer time, a woman who was seated in the back stood up and introduced herself as Malcolm X’s youngest daughter. I am certain that the surprise on my face was evident as my mind raced to realize, “THAT Malcolm X?!” My slight awe quickly vanished as it became clear that she intended to try and take over the event by monopolizing the mic. She did, however, touch on the idea that action was needed, so when the moderator was able to take back the floor, she refocused onto this theme of the event.

Francis then directed a question toward me. “Women in Nigeria don’t use Billings because they don’t know how it works. What do we DO? How do we get started?” I explained that getting started is not difficult, but that all they would need is one trained teacher to teach a group of women to become instructors so that they can teach others, and it can ripple throughout the country. I also mentioned that Benin already has a WOOMB affiliate and that they may be an excellent resource for getting trainings started.

The members of the Umuado Igbo Nigeria and in Diaspora and event panelists

The members of the Umuado Igbo Nigeria and in Diaspora and event panelists

After the event, Francis expressed to me that she knew a Catholic woman who she was sure would be on board with this, and she is going to keep in touch with me to help them along the way. I also told her about the WOOMB International Conference to be held in Benin next year, and that it would be an excellent opportunity for those that they teach to become more connected and inspired.

These women were joyful, dynamic and lovely inside and out. As we chatted more, the moderator came over and I learned that she has seven children. I grabbed her hand and said, “Me too!” Francis laughed heartily and said, “So the one you are carrying will make 8? You should have two more and then you will have 10!” What a contrast to the shock and disdain of many in our culture at so many children. How beautiful to see their love and encouragement of large families!

Tuesday evening, three women from our team attended an NGO reception. It was an amazing opportunity for networking, and more informal discussions. The women in attendance were having a marvelous time, and were chatting up a storm. We talked to so many people, and were amazed at the openness of everyone to what WOOMB offers.

WOOMB teammates at the NGO reception

I also had an opportunity to speak with Susan O’Malley (Chair of the Executive Committee of CSW) that night. When I handed her out postcard she recognized it instantly, and remembered that we had asked for two parallel events, but she thought they had only approved one. I cheerfully announced that we had been given both events and how thankful we were for that opportunity. She shifted her weight to one leg, looked at me with skeptical eyes and said, “So, does it really work?” I smiled and confidently replied, “Yes, it actually does work!” I went on to explain a brief history of the Drs. Billings, Odeblad and Brown and Billings efficacy statistics. She shared that she had gotten pregnant on the IUD, Pill and trying the Rhythm method with the Pill. I quickly interjected, “Oh, now, we aren’t the rhythm method, the science is totally different.” I gave a very quick rundown of the ovarian hormones effects on the cervix and sensation, changing vs unchanging patterns. She thought for a moment, looked at the card again and said, “I need to go look at your website again, that’s interesting.”

I was thrilled at the length and honesty of our conversation.

Wednesday offered more opportunities for passing out postcards and networking. I spoke with a women from “Pleasant Gathering,” and was able to attend their parallel event. They are a faith based group from Nigeria who rescue women out of sex work and give them a marketable trade to make a living. They also were interested in how Billings education could help the women in their program.

As with the other women from Nigeria, these women were open and loving, grabbing me by the hand and leading me around to introduce me to everyone in their group.

Joy Ogbonnaya (head of Pleasant Gathering) and I



Allison, Shana and I in Times Square (plus random photo bomber), Allison’s Llama from the artisan fair, and me with Colbert

Wednesday afternoon provided a good opportunity to relax a little bit. We were able to find some treasures at the CSW Artisan Fair where women from all over the world brought their handmade items to sell. We also got to enjoy a little bit of New York by attending a taping of the Stephen Colbert Show, and walking through times square. It was a nice change of pace before gearing up for our last event in Thursday.

I spent Thursday morning passing out more postcards, and inviting people to our event. When it came time for us to begin, I was disheartened at the number of people in the room. I had talked to so many people that had expressed what seemed like a genuine interest in coming. But, my spirit lifted as time went on, and the room filled with familiar faces. I was excited to see Destiny Herndon De-La-Rosa (Founder of New Wave Feminists) come in. I had connected with her a few weeks before CSW and invited her to come. Allison did a fantastic job directing the event, and each panelist spoke well of their personal empowerment. Monica presented the slide rule excellently as well. The audience was engaged and again followed up with thoughtful questions. Even after the event had finished, we all stayed around talking for quite some time.

Me speaking at WOOMBs Thursday parallel event

Destiny (Founder of New Wave Feminists) and I

The WOOMB team went to dinner all together that evening to debrief from the week and get started planning for next year.

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to represent WOOMB International at

the United Nations for CSW63. I believe that the team this year was strong, supportive of one another, and effective in spreading our message. I look forward to being able to represent WOOMB to the UN in the future.

Thank you to all of you who supported me and helped me take the Billings Ovulation Method to the United Nations!

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We have received many responses to our latest article asking about the accuracy of a 6-8 day fertile phase. The questions deserved a thorough response, so a follow up article was in order.
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Is there anything of value in life that does not take work and self discipline? Lately, this sentiment has been echoed all over pinterest with pictures of an exercise regimen, captioned with an inspirational thought, like “Work Hard, See Results.” Continue reading

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Clinical Trials: IUD vs. Billings Ovulation Method™

In July 2011, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology released a pamphlet stating several doctors’ endorsement of Intrauterine Devices (IUD) as “as safe and effective birth control.” IUDs were once unpopular in the United States, nevertheless, use has persevered. Physicians are starting to recommend IUDs more frequently, especially non-hormonal, copper IUDs. However, as Delicia Yard of ClinicalAdvisor.com points out, “The devices may raise the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and subsequent infertility.” Prescribing information for a popular IUD lists these common side effects: headache, abdominal/pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, depression, migraine, nausea, acne, back pain, genital tract infection, ovarian cysts, dysmenorrheal, breast pain, and unintentional expulsion of the device. Despite this, it has been said that IUDs are “the most cost-effective form” of birth control available.

How does this newly popularized birth control stand up to the Billings Ovulation Method™ (BOM)? Continue reading

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A conversation with Dr Evelyn Billings, co-founder of the Billings Ovulation Method

Reprinted with kind permission from The Catholic Weekly, Sydney Australia.
by Sharyn Marchant
April 5, 2009

“It was a movement of faith initially; we felt called to this work,” says Dr Evelyn Billings.

Evelyn, who was born in Melbourne in 1918 and grew up in the Riverina, established the Billings Ovulation Method in 1953 with her husband, the late Dr John Billings.

“The method came about through my husband in the 1950s, when the Pill came into vogue,” she says.

“There was only the rhythm method offered (for natural family planning), but a lot of people weren’t interested in the Pill or other contraceptives, and were anxious to know of an alternative.”
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Billings Statement to the General Assembly of the United Nations

Billings Statement to the General Assembly of the United Nations

Statement of the Caucus for the Advancement of the Billings Ovulation Method to the General Assembly Special Session – United Nations, June 30 – July 2, 1999

Submitted by: Susan Fryer, World Organization Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB International)

The Caucus for the Advancement of the Billings Ovulation Method, C.A.B.O.M. thanks the Chairman for the opportunity to give a short statement to the General Assembly. We represent thirteen eco-sot NGO organizations present at the Cairo +5 meetings and speak for 60 affiliates of the World Organization of the Ovulation Method Billings teaching the authentic Billings Method in over 100 countries around the world. Teaching materials are published in 22 languages and carry the WOOMB logo to ensure authenticity.

The method is the most simple, natural and effective way in the world of achieving or avoiding pregnancy. In a 1978 five nation study, conducted by the World Health Organizatiion, it was found that 93% of women can return, after just one conversation with a Billings teacher, with a recognizeable chart of the few possibly fertile days and many infertile days in her cycle. With some further instruction in the keeping of a simple chart and in the application of a few commonsense guidelines she will know on which days an act of intercourse can possibly lead to pregnancy and which one cannot possibly do so, ahead of time. It allows parents to be in total charge of their fertility without the costly complications of the contraceptive /sterilization /abortion package. Continue reading

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What Medical Professionals are saying about the Billings Ovulation Method

“I helped a couple who had been trying to conceive for a whole year with a history of irregular cycles to achieve a pregnancy in their first attempt after a short instruction. This course has enabled me to relate a woman’s physiological and endocrinological status to a simple vulvar sensation or a changing/unchanging mucus pattern. It is so understandable since only God could create such a complex creature with multiple intricate interconnections and yet allow us to understand them in such a simple and basic manner.”
Santiago Gutierrez, M.D., Ob/Gyn
Laredo, Texas

“The Billings Ovulation Method is the only method of family planning that makes sense. It is safe, economical and highly effective. BOM is the only method that allows couples to cooperate with their own God-given physiology. Other approaches alter, obstruct and poison a woman’s reproductive system. We promote the BOM in our practice for couples who desire postponement of pregnancy and also for those who need assistance in achieving pregnancy.”
Joe Opie, M.D., Ob/Gyn
Memphis, Tennessee

“We have used the Billings Ovulation Method with 100% effectiveness for prevention and 100% effectiveness for achieving, always conceiving in the first cycle of using fertile days. We will be forever grateful to our scientists! We are in awe of the complexity of the woman in contrast to the simplicity of this method.”
Jan Hemstad, M.D. & Darcy Hemstad, R.N.
Yakima, Washington

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